Fundraising for Water Pump Projects

£150 can build a water hand pump for a family which is Zakat, Sadaqah Jariah and Lillah eligible.

The Cause

85% of people in Pakistan don’t have access to clean drinking water. when it comes time to collect water for drinking, washing or cooking, many families walk miles upon miles to reach a water source and strain themselves considerably to fetch it, before carrying heavy buckets filled with contaminated, unsafe water home.  Entire communities in Pakistan have little choice but to suffer the effects of waterborne diseases because they have no other options when it comes to drinking water. Sadly, around 40% of all deaths in Pakistan are due to drinking contaminated water.

We are Working on Water pumps

Another way that we’re bringing clean water to Pakistan is through our water purification plants. Rural communities in Pakistan are the ones that suffer the most from contaminated water so in order to help end the water crisis, we have set up water purification plants in impoverished areas throughout the country. Which provide safe water to thousands of beneficiaries; one plant can supply a whole village with clean water.

Solar pump

The benefit of a solar pump over a well is that firstly nobody in sha ALLAH dies making a solar pump as when well’s are made the walls can and have caved in when they are being dug sometimes 400 ft down and the labourer ends up loosing his life. Secondly the water is pumped to the village for all to use and doesn’t need carrying to the village which in return means the old and physically weak can benefit also alhamdu LILLAH.

Work for Allah Almighty

We have zero wage costs and zero hotel bills cost to date. We’re entity a volunteer run charity with our chairman on the ground working and overlooking the projects himself Alhamdu LILLAH Rubil alamin. All praise and thanks firstly is ALLAH Subhana Watala and to the kind people who donated, made Dua, encouraged us and told others about us. May ALLAH Subhana Watala reward us all abundantly and forgive us our sins and shortcomings, ameen.